Selection of aviary/handreard birds in Ballymoney


Aviary birds
3 pair black capped conures
1 pair of maroon tail conures
1 pair rose crowned conures
1 pair of mealy rosellas
1 pair kakarikis
3 single green cheek counres
3 single pineapple conures
2 hen cockatiel and 1 cock

Also have few hand-reared parrots
All silly tame
4 African greys fully weaned
3 Senegal's fully weaned
Blackheaded caique fully weaned
1 pineapple conure fully weaned
4 blue parrotlets fully weaned

Few bird left for bookings as not fully weaned
2 illiger macaws
4 high red conures
6 quakers
3 sun conures
2 jendays

No time waster looking photos prices and Sunday chats serious callers only

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