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Beautiful Bengal Kittens in Carlisle



These gorgeous kittens (mini leopard's lol) will be ready for their new loving homes at 13-14 weeks on the 26st of July 2018. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria.
Their already litter and scratch post trained, eating well, on both wet, dry and some raw, been weaning off at the moment, Very lively and active, weighing between 1.1- 1.3 kg at present (10week) ideal weight for them.
Advise to any potential buyer to do some research beforehand, as we will not be willing to part without someone having at least some knowledge and has researched this breed. Please do not take offence to this, but do believe it is best for the kittens as these are not your ordinary pet cats.
There are 4 Stunningly Beautiful Bengal kittens who are looking for their new homes! Mother and Father are pedigree Bengals, parents have been and are regularly health checked and both can be seen at home. Father (Romeo) silk like feel too he's felt, Brown/gold, black/brown beautiful spots, stripes and rosettes, child friendly, loving and full of beans, vocal, a little tiger at heart. Mam (Kiera) is similar with Brown/silver/gold spotted, stripes and rosette felt, brilliant mam, grow up with her own mam Eva for 1 years who sadly past away due to a road accident (Learnt the hard way) Kiera is a very friendly, laid back and very calm, a perfect personality and, ideal in the eyes of any show judge.
No history of hereditary diseases or deformities. Mam and Dad have both been DNA tested for Polycystic kidney disease (PKD): Normal, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b): Normal and for my own curiosity I have also tested for ALC (Asian Leopon Cat) Argotic Colours. (Waiting on results)

There are now only 2 girls and 1 boy.
May reduce price on multiple buy, No Deposits, Sorry, First comes first Served.
Will be insured (looking into 1 years' worth) before leaving and contract for that time.
We have had a lot of interest so far.
Photos & Videos are no-issue on request.
To arrange to view these lovely kittens, or for any more information, please contact me.
Each come with: Kitten and breed Information Booklet, Vets information Card of Vaccinations, Personal information printed of Dates of birth, deworming/ de-flea. Copy of Kiera and Romeos Veterinary Reports and breed confirmation and Copy of DNA tests from Langfords Vet Diagnostic Laboratory. All Six were at the vets on Thursday 21th of July, Very healthy, with some very positive compliments especially regarding the Kittens features, traits and markings. Their 2nd Vet appointment is on the Thursday 19th July (12weeks old) Dewormed, 2,4,6 & 8 weeks so far and flea treated as a precaution. These kittens come with food they are used too (Royal Cain dry) (Iams Kitten wet, 2 to 12 month in orange pouches), Kitty luxury bumper treats, toys and pack of litter, (litter tray, and small scratch post optional on request).
Raised indoors, domesticated, treated like part of the family of which they are, played with every day, use to Normal household noises, i.e. washing machines, Tv, children, hover etc. In process of building a Catio (due the week 16.07) so once they've had they second vaccinations they will be allowed out into it within 10 days, it will give the viewer a bit of space to play with and get to know each one first. (If wanted to be least trained for duration of time with me I will need to be informed ASAP, also if you are wanting to move on to raw I can start to increase their individual food needs for you)
Me and my partner are hobby breeders, I work nights, and my Mrs works certain days and a 10yr old son so there's always someone around the house with them but obviously time can be limited on the requests above as these do take time, extra effort and money on my part but happy to do it for their right owner. These are our first litter from Kiera and Romeo and maybe their only one. Kiera is a 2years old (2nd April 2016) born into our second litter from her mam I owned for 5years as mentioned above, Last year we bought Romeo who is now just over 1yr (10th May 2017) it was not planned to buy another but would like to see it as fate of how he came in to our life's, he was a skittish 4 month old when we got him last September but after a lot of patents, time and some effort he has really came along and has come out his shell 10 fold, he loves his cuddles and strokes, playing with he's toys, climbing and laser pen and acts like a kitten still at play time.
I have over 5 years' personal experience with Bengals with quite a bit of knowledge behind me with hundreds of hours of online research, books, and guidance from professional Bengal mentors, if any issues arise I am more than willing to give you my best advice for the length you have the pet, I believe in building up the relationship with new buyers and giving advice when required for as-long as is needed, and would obviously love to find out how the littles ones have grown.
Some good advice and tips for Buyers taken from a FB group:
Hello to all the new members of the group who are looking to buy their first Bengal kitten or looking to purchase a second. Here is a little advice...
Never buy a kitten without visiting the breeder and viewing it.
Try to visit a few breeders and not buy the first you visit (it's hard I know!)
Always insist on seeing the parents of said kitten, the mother at the very least must be there. (There are a few cat traders emerging in the Uk)
Ask questions!!
Hobby breeder or Breeder shouldn't matter, if you have a contract you are protected if your kitten gets ill or dies. Always follow your kitten's breeder's advice regarding care, if you don't trust them why have you bought a kitten from them.
Try not to be taken in by a website, think! If you want a nice Bengal buy from a Bengal breeder not a multi breed breeder with several breeds on the go!
Above all, make your own mind up. Most of us get a feel for who we can trust and whom we can't.
I don't know a respectable breeder who lets a kitten go before 12 weeks old. Be prepared to wait.

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