4 STUNNING kittens for sale :) in South Shields


Kitten #1 - long haired, fully black (Girl)

Our fully black kitten is a loving, energetic little girl. She's very playful like her mum however when she's ready for love, she has so much to give and absolutely loves grooming you while you cuddle her, her favourite things is grooming human hair, she goes crazy for it. She loves her sleep and even more so, loves finding extremely weird places to sleep If she doesn't fancy sleeping on a human. She loves her food and can be a little protective with it (she tells the other cats off if they try to steal her food) which shows her confidence.

Kitten #2 - cream-sand and black tabby
(lilac-based, caramel tabby) (Girl)

This tabby little girl loves watching humans and has recently started loving their attention so much that she will leave wherever her mum is feeding her just to follow a human into the other room, with her tail flowing from side to side, seeking out some scratches. She can be a little bit more timid compared to the others, who are very protective over their food, if someone tries to steal hers, she simply steps back so she is not greedy in the slightest.

Kitten #3 - cream-sand and black tabby
(lilac-based, caramel tabby) (Girl)

Kitten number 3 is confident, super playful and independent like her mamma but also loves strokes & cuddles as much as giving them too. She loves to find a quiet place to sleep or has recently started taking a little bit of a liking to going under the blanket. She's the first to come running when she hears something role across the floor and is ready to pounce, showing that playful Bengal side coming through from her mum.

Kitten #4 white under-body, cream-sliver and black tabby (Boy)

This little boy has the most extraordinary personality. He is so quirky and playful, he jumps at the most random things. He can be a little hyper but he is also the most loving little kitten I have came across. When he is in one of his loving moods, he goes to up to every cat and pushes up on their face in an attempt for some loving licks from them and when that cat has finished, he moves onto the next... when he's gone around all of the cats, he moves onto humans. He loves to love & groom you just as much as you love and stroke him, he tries to clean your ears, eyes and nose and pushes into your neck for cuddles, he also loves to sleep on his back if he can get comfy.

All of this litter are extremely loving kittens, we've never had a litter who love to give so much love to humans, the all love to lick & groom people. They are all extremely good eaters too and of course love to play. We receive so much interest however we are in no rush to sell the kittens - the price reflects the type of homes we allow our kittens to go to. All of our previous litters have only gone to 5* homes who still stay in contact and send us occasional updates apart from one home a pair went to and that was a big learning curve for us as we like to know the kittens are doing well.
All kittens have been vet checked and are fit & healthy.
All kittens will come with a bag of the great quality, good priced food they will be weaned onto so you can slowly adjust them if you'd like to change their food.
All kittens will be flea'd and wormed on the day of collection as standard and we can give you a list of all products used for that as well as litters and food.
All kittens have been brung up with our small dog (Pomeranian) and get along well with her.
Mum is very vocal especially around the kittens so we believe they probably will be as adults too.

  • Must be over 8 weeks old
  • Visit kitten with mum
  • No deposit before visit
  • No imported kittens
  • Microchipped & vet checked

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