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Beautiful Loving Maine Coon Kittens in Richmond upon Thames



Beautiful Loving Maine Coon Kittens vaccinated.

We have a beautiful litter of loving Maine Coon kittens.

These beautiful Maine Coon Kittens have been raised lovingly in our home with their mother for as long as they are required to develop naturally. They are vaccinated therefore have been health checked twice, microchipped, weaned, litter trained and wormed to date.

This was unexpected litter, yet raised with love care and attention.

The Mother is a Maine Coon GCCF registered and imported from Russia with vigorous health checks. The father also a Blue Solid Maine Coon belonged to a friend and was also health checked from a breeder who health checked her cats before breeding. As they also had no intention of breeding they did not get his Pedigree Papers. Hence the kittens are full Pedigree Maine Coon kittens but not registered.

They have super temperaments. They are very sociable yet mischievous. Everything is play including tidying up! They have been given plenty of opportunities for play and develop their natural curiosity through play including climbing. Hence the kittens have very sociable, playful characters.

They follow you around like little puppies. They love nothing better to cuddle but all on their terms, when they want a cuddle. They purr constantly especially when picked up. They chirp as Maine Coons do and love lots of attention.

The kittens were initially weaned on home cooked cat food which included quality ingredients of chicken. We understand it is not convenient to feed kittens in their new home with home cooked food so we made adjustments to include Royal Canin dried food and Lifestage which had better quality nutrients.

The kittens are:

Wormed to date
Litter Trained

Come with free food
Free food bowl
Free water bowl

We would love the best homes for them so are willing to travel for petrol costs.

Great homes essential therefore will be willing to bring to you for petrol coste

1 x Tortie female -Super temperament Adventurous, curious, loves kisses and cuddles until she had had enough. Chirpy little baby. Loves climbing and exploring.

1 x Tabby female -She is very loyal and enjoys one to one bonding so would be an ideal companion. She loves hugs and being picked up held close. She is a great climber and loves her scratching posts. Chirpy little baby girl.

1 x Silver Tabby male. This is our little puppy. He will follow you around and loves nothing more than your attention. He has a super temperament. He is very sociable. He is playful yet mischievous and would love a family to a play with and be a part of the family.

We would love loving forever homes and only responsible animal lovers only. They deserve the best as all animals do. Willing to travel for petrol costs to ensure great homes. We would love to know how he homes they will be homed to, to ensure loving best homes.

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