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2 young cats for sale in Wakefield

8 months and 1 year


cats for sale to a very good home only. Prince is the white cat, he has a black smudge on his head and is almost completely deaf, we didn't know this when we got him and didn't expect an indoor cat. It's because of this we need to rehome him, he obviously cant go out as he wouldn't hear danger, the litter tray is just too much for us to keep up to and having to shut him in a room whenever the kids open the door is not fair to him. He is a lovely cat and we do occasionally take him in the garden on a lead. He likes to be with others and is not keen to be alone, he has become best friends with our other cat Luna, hence why we would prefer them to go together, he looks for her and misses her when shes not around. Luna is approximately a year old and has been spayed, prince is approximately 8 months old and hasn't been neutered yet. This is not an easy decision as they really are beautiful cats but we feel it would be unfair to separate them. I'm asking £60 for both as I do want to make sure they get a great home.

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