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Affectionate, Playful Scottish Straight Female TICA in Somerset

1 week ago
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Iona is a TICA registered pedigree Scottish Straight, 7 months old. Parents pedigree certificates available to view.

She is petite and also chunky - adorably cute like a teddy bear! She has the gorgeous chubby cheeks of the breed, amazingly soft velvet fur and gorgeous amber eyes. Such a sweet face!

Iona has the most delightful temperament - calm, friendly, sociable, affectionate and loves to play. She loves people and to spend time with you. She will follow you from room to room and want to be near you always - even in the bathroom! While shy at first, she will quickly introduce herself to strangers and ask for cuddles and play.

She is extremely affectionate, will come to you for cheek rubs, strokes, cuddles. She can be picked up and carried, held like a baby, cradled, kissed and smooched! Has the makings of a wonderful lap cat. Extremely placid & docile.

If you're working from home she'll sit next to you at your desk, if you're relaxing, she'll be with you on the sofa, in the kitchen she'll hang out with you hoping for a tasty morsel. She likes to investigate what is going on in the home and be part of the action.

As an older kitten, Iona loves play opportunities with her toys and is great at improvising with found objects such as paper scraps and hair ties. She loves scratching boards in particular and to jump in and out of boxes and bins. She is full of joy and an absolute delight.

She is playful without being destructive and is generally quiet, well-mannered and easy to have around, zoomies notwithstanding!

Iona will make an amazing companion pet, whether for a family (with sensible children) who will play with her - she will keep everyone amused and entertained. Or an adult household where she'll be at your side day and night if you let her! Needs someone home at least part of the day.

Gets on well with other cats, & would love a young feline playmate. No dogs sorry!

Iona loves her food and is not a fussy eater. Currently eating a wet diet with dry on the side.

Collection BA6 Somerset. Sorry can't deliver!

Happy to answer questions, share videos etc. Please leave a contact number in message, thanks.

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