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Gorgeous bonded Malamutes available for adoption <3 in Paignton

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Rescue centre


We have been asked to help rehome Ebony and Mak.
Ebony. is black and white with blue eyes. 3/4 malamute, 1/4 Akita. She's 4 years old. She's good with other dogs, but sometimes a bit too rough if it's a little dog, as she's used to playing with Mak. Not good with cats, doesn't hurt them but chases them and will pin them down in an attempt to play. Absolutely brilliant with children. Had no problems whatsoever with owner's daughter from birth, now 2. Loves to have belly rubs and loves to chew on carrots. Likes to pinch the washing up sponge and rip it into pieces.

Then we have Mak. He is also 4.. Mak went from a breeder to his first home and was living with a cat and a bull mastiff. The mastiff bullied him, especially when it comes to meal times. He is very protective of any food, so they have always had to feed him and Ebony separate. (We've had a couple of fights, over toys too). Where he is very food orientated, if he can get to something with a trace of food on, he will destroy it to try and find the food. This resulted in keeping Mak in a crate overnight as they had stuff destroyed and he sees it as his den/his own personal space. Ebony doesn't stay in one. Mak also loves a belly rub and a carrot to chew on. Any food and treats are eaten very quickly with Mak, very slowly with Ebony. . Mak is ok with dogs when he is out for a walk, as long as they are ok with him. We've had dogs run up to us before, tried to attack them, but Mak protects Ebony. Otherwise, he'll happily just walk and ignore them. He used to live with a cat for his first 4 weeks with other owner, and took no notice, however when a cat has run through our garden, he had tried to catch it. He doesn't seem to like anything small. He snatches toys,

They can be separated.

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