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Slate Blue Border Collie X dog for sale - 11 months old. in Boston



Leo is a gorgeous blue slate Border Collie whose DNA result suggests that he is 3/4 Collie and 1/4 Basenji, but according to a reporter at Watchdog who sent his own DNA to the same lab and it came back that he was a German Shepherd, can we be sure that these tests actually work? The vet and several friends believe he has Husky in him, hence the double dew claws. Whatever he is, he is lovely and unique.

I purchased Leo as purebred Border Collie and saw both his parents were black and white Border Collies so I was disappointed to learn this. However, as he has grown he is very appealing to the eye due to his colour and his personality.

I am going to tell the absolute truth here for Leo must find the right home for him and be the right dog for his new owner.

The reason for selling Leo is that I am moving from a large country estate where I owned 22 Border Collies to a much smaller place where I can fit no more than 6 in to the garden. I have been selling my dogs over the last few months and I have 4 left to sell. Leo has drawn the next short straw, and it has been a heart wrenching decision with each one that has been sold thus far. I am pleased to say that all of them have settled in real well, even the eldest who was 5, and largely seems to have forgotten all about me.

Recently Leo became a father, and his litter of puppies are here and as he is 3/4 Border Collie and was bred to a full blood Border Collie that makes his puppies complete Border Collies. They too are for sale. There is one red boy, 1 black tri girl and 1 boy who is the most unbelievable colour I have seen, kind of smoky black with a goldish sheen in certain light. Their mother is red tri.

However, I am here to talk about Leo. I would request that Leo is neutered and at the time his dewclaws are removed. He has clonking great double dew claws on his hind legs that would catch on a carpet, so they need removing and the best time would be to have it done when he is under anaesthetic for neutering.

The day that Leo came here, I put his food in a bowl on the floor and then thought 'hold on I'll give you a bit more' I reached for the bowl and Leo almost took my hand off! Phew he was only 6 weeks old, (the breeder said he was 8 weeks - easy to see on arrival that he was younger), and he scared the life out of me! I realised that food had become an issue in his short life and he had not been given enough and had to fight for his survival among whomsoever puppies and dogs he'd been housed with. Over time he has gotten better. I can now touch the bowl but he will still watch me intently and I have not attempted to take it away from him. There is still that air of 'just you dare' apparent from him.

Of Leo my 33 year old son says that Leo is the best dog I have ever had. There is something exceedingly 'a good lad' feel to him. He is comical, fits in well with the diminishing pack of dogs, even when there were 22 of them and he is a comic when it comes to scooting in front of anyone and stealing the ball from beneath their nose. Then he will run with it with a fun feel of 'chase me' emulating from him and I can sense the fun in him as he runs with the other dogs chasing after him to get the ball.

I feel that Leo would make a good dog for someone with experience of Border Collies, to the degree that they have worked and persevered and made a real good dog out of one with a few issues that were created in the first 6 weeks of his life. Here he has had the run of 8 acres, is relatively obedient, likes to chase the cats, and that is about the only time he turns a deaf ear to my cry of Leo! Here!' otherwise he will come when called, will scoot when I am trying to get the ball from him, and will go to bed without delay when I shout 'bedtime Leo'

I am asking the same price that I paid for Leo because I feel he is worth it, for one he is a rare blue, and for two he is a good solid healthy dog that would make someone a faithful companion, but I would not like to say that I would trust him around children. He will give up the ball but not food and that could be tricky and risky since children are apt to walk around with food of their own.

I would consider offers in that region however.

As Leo has puppies with his mate Kona, I would like anyone interested in him to bond with him over a few weeks so that people viewing his puppies can meet him. He would thus be available to leave from mid July.

I have got him booked for neutering and his dew claws removed on June 18th, so if anyone that would like him would prefer him neutered then I will go ahead with this, but if not then please let me know so I can cancel the appointment. Obviously the price of the neutering would have to be added to the price I am asking for him here but since my vet allows me 30% discount on vet bills due to the large number of animals I have owned it would still be cheaper than that which other vets might charge.

So over to you really, those who have read this and seen his photographs, what do you think? Leo is fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. Leo was born June 17th 2017. That is the date I ascertained as more likely rather than the May date his breeder had told me.

Photographs show him as he is now and when he was a little puppy. He was so amazingly beautiful that everyone that saw him begged to buy him.

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Wendy Tunnard.

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