Rehoming active border collie cross husky please read description in London


Rehoming my beautiful, active border collie cross husky Gemma just under two years old
Very loyal and affectionate, she is smart and needs lot of exercise, she also loves playing
I'm struggling with her training and not have enough time for her
She is good with other dogs, but she is nervous around people.
She will chase anything that moves and can display aggressiveness to people
I believe this is due to her needing emotional outlet as she is quite a wary dog
However not a dangerous dog!
Someone with experience with dogs is essential and also it's important she goes somewhere near a big park or countryside
Please contact me only if you can meet these requirements
She is good with kids once she gets to know them , however it may take adjustment so can't advise it
It's at caller's discretion
She is friend with our cat