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Part Trained Cocker Spaniel Puppies. Puppy Culture Programme in Bowerhill

4 weeks ago
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UPDATE 2 girls and 2 boys available.
Small working type Cocker Spaniel puppies raised with the renowned Puppy Culture programme.

Joey - Red & White Boy
Fenrir - Black Boy
Mouse - Black & White Girl
Bear - Black Girl, white chest and back toes (RESERVED)
Fawn - Black Girl, white chest and 3 white feet
Wren - Golden girl (RESERVED)

Puppy Culture Programme
We'll be raising the puppies with the Puppy Culture's workbook to give them the best building blocks for their futures as family pets. The first 3 months of a puppy's life is a crucial time for their mental and physical development. Experiences (or a lack of) at this time, shape who they are and affect them for the rest of their lives. We'll share photos and videos of their progress.

Some of the skills your puppy will learn with us before you take them home:
Clicker Trained
Resource guarding prevention
Toilet training started
Lead walking started
Basic positions
Recall Foundations
Training started to deter biting/mouthing
Crate Foundations
Used to car rides
Used to nail clipping, ears, teeth and paws being touched
Used to cats and other dogs, different types of people, sounds, novel objects etc
Used to grooming objects and sensations
Tugging Foundations
Better at dealing with frustration and stress
And much more. Please have a read through the links below to learn more.

A good overview of Puppy Culture -

Once the puppies go to their new homes we'll support new owners to continue with the Puppy Culture guide for their next stage of socialisation and training. This will include checklists, key points and activities to guide you.

ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)
From 3-16 days old each puppy will go through daily ENS exercises. This is a key stage in their neurological development. The exercises are shown to improve the dog's long-term physical health. Including heart rate and beat strength, stress tolerance and resistance to disease.
A brief overview of ENS -

About Harley - Mum 10.5kg (All Black)
This is our Harley's first litter. She's a small dog but a huge huge part of our world along with our border collie and mainecoon cat. She is the cuddle bunny of the family! She loves to love. She sleeps cuddled up with our cat most evenings on the sofa with a fluffy blanket.
When she's not after a cuddle she loves long off-lead walks, swimming, and agility - which she's picked up exceptionally well. We've had Harley from a pup (she's now 2), and from day 1 she has been a delight. She loves learning and has always been easy and eager to train. We're looking for pet homes for her puppies so they can enjoy the same things in life that Harley loves most.

Harley has been DNA tested for: Acral Mutilation Syndrome (ASM), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC), Familial Nephropathy (FN(C)), Glycogen Storage Disease VII (Phosphofructokinase deficiency) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-PRCD). Full clear results for all tests. Happy to provide the certificate.

About Scba -Dad 10kg (Gold with White Strip)
We've chosen the beautiful Scba as sire for our puppies. Scuba is a task trained service dog for his owner. He is 2 years, 8 months old. A working type cocker crossed with a show type cocker, which gives him his beautiful coat and smaller size. He is a very intelligent boy and has a wonderfully calm temperament. We've paired Scuba and Harley for their trainability qualities, their temperaments as loving pets and their small size. If you would also like to meet Scuba, this is something we could organise.

We're expecting the puppies to grow up to be small cockers, as mum and dad are both smaller than average.

Physical viewings will be from around 3 weeks. There will be hygiene measures in place - shoes off before entering and hand-washing etc. You'll be encouraged to visit more than once if you can, so your puppy can get used to you before you take them home forever.
Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes around 9 weeks old. Puppies have a second fear stage that happens sometime around 8 weeks old. It's best to avoid big changes or potentially scary things at this time, which is why we're aiming for 9 weeks. Every puppy is an individual, so the day they are ready to go home might vary between puppies.

New homes:
A garden is essential
No very young children/toddlers.
New owners be willing to learn and do lots of research to prepare.
Someone around most of the day
The time and space for a new family member
Positive reinforcement training ONLY (no punishment methods!)
We do hope new owners will continue feeding a natural raw diet (happy to give guidance on this)

Pre-Puppy Pack:
Once you've placed a deposit (£500) for your puppy we will send out a pre-puppy pack. This will have everything we can think of that you will need to do, buy or know to prepare for your puppy.

Puppies will come with:
All the essentials; microchip, first vaccinations, flea & wormed, vet checked, & 5 weeks insurance.
Puppy culture guidance for training & socialising.
And of course all the benefits from the previous 9 weeks of puppy culture activities and daily ENS at 3-16 days old.
Very extensive puppy pack including; lots more care info, puppy's favourite toys, scent blanket, natural treats and chews, puzzle toys and so much more.
Lots of paperwork!
Lovely long wagging tails (not docked and dewclaws intact).
Weaned onto Naturaw Puppy Raw Food
Lifetime help & advice for any questions or worries.

Please email to enquire with an introduction about yourself, your family, home, lifestyle and work pattern so we can ensure a cocker puppy is a good fit for you. Please also feel welcome to ask us any questions too!

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