Chloe - Liverpool in Liverpool


Cheeky Chloe is a 10 month old crossbreed. We rescued her mum and dad and 2 weeks later mum showed signs of having pups and low and behold there was 4 little babies. Chloe is the only one without a forever home! She loves other dogs and would love to share her home with another neutered dog. She can live with savvy cats as if they run Chloe will chase but only to play. She can also live with children over 2 as she does occasionally jump up when excited. She does have a little bit of a sensitive stomach so new food needs to be introduced slowly so her gut can catch up. She is fully house trained and is crate trained. She does have a little but of separation anxiety but is fine now for 2-3 hours, this needs to worked on more. She does pull on the lead but she has great recall and never strays too far. Chlo just needs a family to complete her.