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We are proud to announce the litter of our beautiful female.
Registered with the KC
4 big black & tan dogs and 5 beautiful black & tan girls. They all have above-average weight and sizes with large paws and large heads. They are all healthy and well-groomed from birth.
The mother has the best disposition and is great with both children and other dogs. She is a very sweet and confident girl.
Puppies have health certificates, microchip, vaccinations and protection against fleas and worms.

Puppies after father:

Bruno 'Amur Zingal Poland' is a dog with outstanding features and temperament. He received hip and elbow scores of H, 0-A Eb 0.0, has amazing origins.

Bruno (Amur Zingal IMP POL)
Registered with the KC
Bruno has an absolutely solid character and a fantastic disposition. A strong, confident and intelligent dog with an impressive personality. Bruno is a fantastic and playful family dog as well as a reliable and loyal companion.
Collectively you have the most gorgeous puppies, each with an individual personality and can be tailored to your needs, be it for safety and protection or just a loving and loyal family pet.

PLEASE NOTE ... Since Bruno is completely free from all genetic diseases that are common in GSD, it is unlikely that his puppies will be affected

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