1 Yr old Female German Shepherd in Halifax


Luna- 1 year old German shepherd female.

I've had to make the heartbreaking decision to let Luna go. Unfortunately family and work changes has meant that we can no longer provide what she needs and deserves.

She is a beautiful looking girl and I'm often stopped and asked about her when out.

She is still very much a puppy and is excited and bouncy as you would expect. Situation has meant that we haven't been able to progress with much training so she will require a lot of time invested in her. She can follow basic commands of sit, lay down and loves a game of fetch and football.

She lives with 3 young children and is good with them but very boisterous so would need to go to a home with very confident or older children.

She does still pull on a lead initially but will slow down after a bit of time walking. She is not keen on other dogs at the moment so needs to go to a home with no other dogs.

She hasn't been spayed and would make some beautiful puppy's.

Respectable offers may be accepted.