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Luke the Huskita in Southport



We are looking to sell our Husky Luke as he hasn't been getting along with our other dog and we are having problems with the noise to the flat below . He is very playful with animals where we take him to the VIP dog park and let him go but he can't live with other animals in the same house because he gets jealous of the other animals. This is why he is best to be the only dog in the house because we wouldn't want him to get jealous and attack another pet. We've trained him to sit, stay, lie down, paw, put his paw on food. When we first got him he would get angry if you touched him during food but we got him out of the habit where we can now place our hand in his bowl and take out food without him minding. He's really young so it's best not to leave him alone in the house for a long time with food because when we recorded what he does he likes to stand up if there's any food on the counter and steal it while we're not there so you will need to be careful what you leave out. He loves to play with soft things like teddies and likes to rip them up so apart from his own toys you should make sure there isn't anything he might just play with like tissue because he could play with it and rip it up. We have a flat and downstairs keep reporting us because Lukes the youngest and in the middle of the night likes to run around and play so he can make noise until he goes to sleep. He doesn't bark but has separation anxiety so if he is left overnight without his owner he will howl and cry until you're back so he can't be kept outside or locked in a separate room. When someone he knows gets back home he will cry, howl and then jump up to show he's happy but some people are obviously scared of dogs so it's just something you can let them know. We don't have kids so we don't know what he would be like with them but with adults and teenagers he has been fine.

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