Leonberger Arni 2 years old for adoption in Northampton


This advertisement only for people who wants to adopt big dog with guarding qualities.

Arni is nearly 2 years old now .
Arnold was rescued two years ago by our organization. He was only about 2 month old baby and we rescued him from Bulgarian kill shelter.
Arni was raised by our organization up to age of 6 month and then brought to U.K. and rehomed with family.
Unfortunately recent owner has stroke and now it's difficult for her to manage long walks . Although Arni was originally rescue pup but he never suffered any trauma or abuse. He was rescued at 2 month old and raised as our own and had best upbringing possible. Videos and photos of him being baby available.

We believe that Arni is mixed with leonberger , he definitely looks a lot like that type of breed.
He is large boy about 45-50 kg , tall and handsome.
Arni is very loyal to his family and distrustful to strangers who come in to his space.
Outside Arni walks well on lead and off lead but he has muzzle on and this is Compulsory attribute because he once nipped jogger on bum .

When walking off the lead in park he is friendly with dogs and doesn't mind people, but he not keen on fuss from strangers and will bark if someone is over friendly .
When at home he will guard his space : house and garden. We believe that he is capable of biting intruder .
Arni is affectionate to people he classes as his family and he is great dog with calm energy. He will bark when he thinks there is need for it and will be calm the other times.
He been through general dog training and understand general commands . He is ok to be left home on his own for up to 6 hours. Usually he just sleeps being on his own.

Arni will be suitable to people who had previously owned dog with guarding qualities and who understands of principle of being a pack leader. He will be good pet for people who wants to have dog with guarding abilities for protection of their property. Please attention : do not mistake Arni's abilities to guard as personality fault . He was born as being guard dog like many breeds are.

Arni is will be good play partner for female dog of his size and he gets on with cats . We would not advise Arni to people with kids younger than 15 and even though you have to think about other kids visiting your home, so this decision should be taken very seriously.
Arni will not be suitable for flat life and preferably will need place with bigger garden. He is fluffy boy and moult twice a year . Arnold is big dog and will need more food .

Arni is fully vaccinated, microchiped, and castrated and registered with vet in England.

If you interested in giving home to Arni please
send us information about yourself and your experience with dogs of guarding type.
Any questions welcome and lots of videos available on request on WhatsApp.
Adoption fee apply.
ID check and home check apply

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