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April 19th - UPDATED PHOTOS! I'm over the moon to be able to introduce 2 stunning litters of adorable Miniature/Toy Schnauzer puppies - they're truly something to behold! Ready to join your loving and permanent family for new adventures in the month of May.

To help you see everyone, I've numbered all their photos (where possible).

Litter of 6 from our beautiful Aira:
Nr 1, Girl Reserved - Salt and Pepper
Nr 2, Boy AVAILABLE - Black and Silver
Nr 3, Boy AVAILABLE - Salt and Pepper
Nr 4, Boy Reserved - Salt and Pepper
Nr 5, Boy AVAILABLE - Black and Silver
Nr 6, Girl AVAILABLE - Black and Silver

Litter of 3 from our lovely Luna:
Nr 7, Girl AVAILABLE - Black
Nr 8, Girl AVAILABLE - Black and Silver
Nr 9, Boy Reserved - Black and Silver

I constantly update this ad, its photos, information and above available/reserved list so if your puppy of choice is still available, don't hesitate to meet them and make them the special addition to your family!

Our sweet natured Aira has a wonderful temperament, she's adorable and very cuddly, yet attentive and caring. She's brave on journeys outside, but never strays too far and is well mannered and behaved. A perfect character for those looking for a laid back, affectionate and adaptable companion. Aira's fur is Salt & Pepper with beautiful hair patterns, white socks, eyebrows and beard - her back is silky smooth and feet are fabulously curly. She loves being clean and grooms herself often. She's birthed 4 boys and 2 girls who're all chunky and healthy little bundles of joy!

Our charismatic Luna is a phenomenal companion. She's very sociable, sensible, intelligent and affectionate. She easily took on training with an engaging and keen-to-impress character. She'll inquisitively make friends with just about everyone, then, show her quirky and playful side. She's incredibly fun and will find joy out of any situation - very true to her breed! She has slightly shorter legs, but they're powerful and she can be very agile. Her coat is Black, mostly straight and wiry making grooming easy as it doesn't hold dirt and dries quickly. She's birthed 2 girls and 1 boy who're all eagerly awaiting to meet you!

Both litters were sired by the handsome Arthur. He's very loving, confident, well behaved, smart and loyal with a cheeky, playful temperament - in summary, a fantastic companion. He has a classic, well-made powerful stocky body with soft coat which is the best of the pedigree so a perfect match for our Aira and Luna. Arthur is not just charming, but healthy too, with no diseases in his DNA. He's seen by the Vets extensively for health check-ups, and does yearly eye screening.

We're experienced home breeders and we strive to conform to a very high standard of cleanliness and welfare of our mother-dogs and puppies, they're put first and foremost for the best possible life they can have - no expense spared. For us, this means that:
> They're fed the highest quality of food
> They're well socialised, groomed, exercised and trained
> Tested yearly against diseases with precautionary treatments against parasites
> Tested and confirmed not to have commonly inherited diseases such as Cataracts and MAC
This applies to all our pets and any studs we may use, we're very passionate about it, they are and will always be our family, and so you will have all the help and support you'll ever need for a wonderful experience in ensuring your puppy is in good health and how to improve growth and development. So, don't worry!

When they're ready, your puppy with leave our home with:
| Breed Registration Certificate issued by the Kennel Club (canine governing body)
| Free pet insurance with Petplan extending 4 weeks
| Precautious treatment against parasites (worms, fleas ect) for your piece of mind coming next 3 months
| Plenty of super-premium food your puppy weaned on and a plan for continuing on a healthy diet
| Comforting blanket with scent of their mother and beloved siblings to help with settling-in
| Microchip Identification
| Digital copies of Parents' pedigree tree and health documents
| Copy of the contract of sale and the purchase of your puppy
| Your puppy's health documents including 1st vaccination and eye screening (BVA scheme)

Our puppies have excellent bloodlines with lots of champions - We maintain great relationships with Aira's and Luna's breeder, their parents breeder, stud's breeder, and so we know exactly what kind of traits our puppies may inherit and most importantly we're confident they truly are from healthy bloodlines. Our role is to ensure they will make brilliant and happy family pets. Initially we raise them under constant supervision to ensure healthy development. That's how they become acclimated to usual busy household noises and in no time, we'll be making short journeys to the garden where they can acclimate there too. We aim them to be confident in exploring and getting used to socialising/playing with other adult pets. This early routine helps greatly with associating toileting with the outside and staying dry throughout the night. We'll be spending lots of time together, they will enjoy cleaning, regular handling, car journeys, meeting new people and of course playing! I aim to do absolutely everything possible to contribute to a well socialised and keen-to-impress puppy and share this with families.

I'm very flexible with the viewing times, but It is important to me that our pups go to the very best homes. Serious potential owners are welcome to arrange a meeting or a visit when these pups are 4 weeks old - 10th April onward. Mum can be seen with her puppy.

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