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Pomeranian Male 2 year old in Plymouth



We are looking for a permanent loving home for our dog.

You must have an enclosed garden and have a doggy door or plan to have one. We don't have either and this is why we sadly have to rehome him.

A new family with children is your opinion.
We have a 3 year old. He can get used to children but had been a bit nippy in the past but never actually biten anyone. He knows they are children and cares for his family. So I'm just not wanting this to be an issue for a new family but it's your opinion. He loves saying hello to the children on the street or when on school run. You are welcome to bring them on a visit with you to see how they get on with him.

He is hyper and like a puppy still even though he's 2 years. He's barky. He likes cuddles and licks. Loves to be played with. Very friendly when he knows you are a safe person. Loves his walks but mainly on the lead, unless no other dogs are about. He gets very over excited when he's around other dogs. He can be a bit much for other dogs but mostly OK with going up to say hello. If the other dog starts barking then he will start. Or if you walk near a dog and don't let him say hello then he starts. May need more training done with walks if you are experienced with dogs.

He has been to the groomers but needs to have a slow process of getting used to it. Last time he could only cope with a wash and dry and comb through. So every time will be a little bit more each time.

He had recently been in a rescue due to mistreated and he is fearful at time like at the groomers is a great example. The hairdryer he doesn't like and the hoover.

Please ask anymore questions if interested. Very welcome for a visit or a couple if need be. I'm sure he'll be happy to you a lovely family.

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