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Nala 3 years old in Hitchin

2 weeks ago
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Hi this is Nala she is almost 3 years old unfortunately she needs a new home ( no choice of her own) she's honestly a great family companion she came to us to look after by a friend of a friend who had bread her ( she is still not neutered ) we believe she had a litter and then wasn't wanted! As sad as the back story may be in the 9 months she has been with us she has grew to love us and our 3 young children she has no aggression what so ever just a bouncy jumpy dog that wants cuddles love and belly rubs and food always food, we have loved every second with her but we wasn't supposed to have her this long as we actually live in a large flat as good as we have made it work this long she does need more space a garden and brighter future she deserves, don't get me wrong she's fantastic but it is without flaws ..
Walking for the first 20 minutes or so is a handful she's always 99 percent of the time so excited all the commands she's knows and the great listener she is indoors goes out the window she pulls
She's happy and excellent with other dogs but again she's always so excited especially on walks seeing another dog she just goes loopy and wants to play and who ever is on the other end of the lead doesn't exist that being said she sits lays jumps up gives paw and speaks ( barks ) on command loves vegetables and chicken with her wagg or crave dry food ( we did try ease into raw feed but she never got in with it although did enjoy it,
Overall Nala is an excellent family dog that needs more room and more time with an experienced owner who can work with her on her silly traits and give her a brighter future she's never done anything wrong to anybody but lick jump up and wimper for fuss, she's great alone for a few hours doesn't make a racket and will happily lay allay by your side and play with squeaky toys,
She will need her jabs doing
She's pedigree but not kc registered
Is micro chipped
Has 2 large bowls
More toys
Just searching for a forever home

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