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Anglo Wulfdog puppies - Authentic Wolfdogs in Spalding



The Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme are now taking reservations for puppies planned for 2019. There are a limited number of puppies available from a litter born in April - ready early June. This is a rare opportunity to bring an Anglo Wulfdog into your life and family.

Sansorrella (founder of the Anglo Wulfdog breed) has over 19 years experience of owning, training and breeding 'wolf lookalikes' and Wolfdogs and is committed to improving the quality and health of Wolfdogs bred in the UK. Our litters are part of the unique Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme, aimed at expanding the currently very limited gene pool of 'wolf lookalike' and Wolfdog breeds in the UK. (See Sansorrella website for details of the breeding programme and information about our very special dogs). Sansorrella has now been joined by selected experienced breeders who have been approved to participate in the breeding programme.

All our breeding dogs are rigorously health tested for over 160 genetic diseases, hip scored and DM tested, also elbow scored and eye tested where relevant. (Sansorrella will publish all their own Embark test results on their website - other Anglo Wulfdog breeders will be happy to share their Embark test results on request). Every pairing is carefully matched, with health and temperament being of paramount importance. We also ensure that the COI (coefficiency of inbreeding) of our litters is never higher than 6.25% (calculated over the necessary 10 generations) since inbreeding is one of the major causes of health problems in dogs. Our litters are primarily to give sound breeding stock for the future of our breeding programme. With only one or two puppies selected from each litter there are always a number of puppies available to suitable pet homes and we have a reservation/waiting list for any "spare" puppies.

We are careful to place our puppies in homes where they can expect to enjoy a long and happy life. These dogs are not for novice owners and are not suitable to be left on their own for long periods, as they need company 24/7 (human or suitably sized canine) otherwise they can become distraught, destructive and vocal. Prospective owners should be strong, confident leaders and be prepared to adapt to the sometimes demanding needs of these dogs.

If interested in giving a home to one of our special puppies please phone or email to find out whether you can offer a suitable home. (Please note that we cannot always get to the phone when it rings so it is normally best to email us.)

All puppies bred by approved Anglo Wulfdog breeders are home reared and socialised with adults, children, dogs/pets and all the 'sounds for life'. Litters are fully wormed, vet checked, first vaccinated and microchipped. Puppies come with a comprehensive puppy pack which includes a generous supply of food, Anglo Wulfdog registration certificate, 5 generation pedigree (plus a picture pedigree with photos of the puppies' ancestors with Sansorrella bred puppies). They all have worming, vaccination and microchip certificates. Sansorrella also give their own detailed information leaflets covering diet, care and training plus a free quality dog whistle and safety lanyard, as all Sansorrella puppies are trained to recall to a whistle by the time they leave at 8 weeks old and new owners are able to continue this training.

Breeders are available to offer help and advice throughout the life of our Anglo Wulfdog puppies and are pleased that most owners keep in touch, sending regular updates and pictures and often visit (see "Progeny" pages on the Sansorrella website). Whilst we will never let anyone have two puppies at the same time many of our puppy owners come back for second puppies in the future (4th, 5th and even 6th in some cases) which we feel is testimony to the quality of our puppies and the care we show for our owners as well as our puppies.

We are happy to send puppies abroad and have exported to various destinations around the world, but will only export to countries with a climate suitable for this type of dog and destinations that don't entail long haul flights as the welfare of our puppies is of utmost importance. Please contact us for details of arrangements and costs applicable.

To find an approved Anglo Wulfdog breeder with puppies available please telephone or email. All approved breeders abide by the Anglo Wulfdog Code of Practice. To reserve a puppy or be placed on a breeder's waiting list the breeder will require a deposit/reservation fee of £200, for which a formal receipt will be sent in the post. NB We do not sell through a third party and any transaction is directly with the breeder.

When a future planned Sansorrella litter has been born the owners are given a link to a unique webpage specifically for that litter. The page is updated several times a week with news, pictures and videos so new owners can feel involved from day one and watch their puppy grow, as well as saving pictures for their own records. The litter webpage is not accessible from the main website and is for the owners of that particular litter only. Owners are invited to come and choose their puppy once it has reached 4 weeks of age and, of course, meet the mother and other members of the pack.

We try to be fair and realistic with our pricing and don't feel the need for unnecessarily over inflated prices, only to sufficiently cover expenses involved. With regard to reservations for future litters, in the event that we are unable to provide a puppy of the sex or description required, due to the whims of nature, then the deposit is refundable in full or can be transferred to the next similar litter. Cancellation for any other reason is subject to the breeder's terms and conditions (see Sansorrella website for details of their t&c ). Only a limited number of reservations are taken for future litters until the litter is born in order to avoid disappointment so please contact us as soon as possible to express an interest as many puppies are booked a year or more in advance.

More information on Anglo Wulfdogs can be found in the "Wolf Lookalike Handbook" which can be ordered direct from the publisher through a link on the Sansorrella website and is a must read for anyone interested in wolfdogs and wolf lookalike dogs. Sansorrella has a Facebook page where each dog has his/her own album. There is also a Facebook Group (Sansorrella Anglo Wulfdogs) for owners and anyone interested in owning an Anglo Wulfdog, where owners share their pictures and experiencess etc. Please feel free to join and have a look before committing to the extended Anglo Wulfdog family.

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