Sweet yorkshire terrier cross male in Stevenage


This is with a very heavy heart. I absolutely love this boy.
I have had him since a tiny puppy.
Unfortunately since having my own baby and having to move back to my parents he just isnt getting the time and love he deserves. I was hoping I would be in my own place by now but life hasnt gone to plan. He is 3 years old. Absolutely loves me.
He would be best suited to a lady no other dogs. That being said he hasnt been in a house for about a year so I'm unsure how well he will remember his house training.
He is shy with strangers and men in particular.. I think he must of had a bad experience before I bought him.
Best home sought. He has not been neutered and had 2 lovely litters with my friends dog. However dont let this put you off. He is gentle, he never humps anything.. he is just a lovely dog.. my shadow as he would fallow me anywhere even into the sea on holidays!
He loves my little boy who is 2 in November.. but was a bit weiry when he was smaller and clumsy. Probably best with children 3 and above who know how to let dogs have there own space if needed and let him come to them. Home VERY important. Only ladies please as he is scared of men.