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Guppy fry x 10 in Swansea

1 week ago


please contact me by text on: 07495 122820

10 for £2.50 They will reach full size within 16 -20 weeks, at a fish store they usually charge around £3-4 per adult fish so this is a far cheaper way of buying them! Varied colours as all are from different colour males & females in my main 300 litre aquarium.

I also do deals of - 20 fry for £4 and 50 fry for £10

All are well fed and well looked after. Before purchasing these please make sure you have: a tank which has been set up for a couple of days with a filter, heater and lighting. Do not house with adult fish as they will eat them. Baby guppies can easily die if the water is not maintained properly, please think about this before purchasing. There is a possibility you could lose one or two as there is no guarantee when they are this young.

*collection only, no returns*
*not an ideal buy if you have no experience with tropical fish, due to them being babies they are not as hardy*

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