5 x Extremely Rare Blue Ramshorn Snails in Matlock

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These rare blue Ramshorn snails your are currently looking at are UK bred and are kept in a controlled breeding environment which is disease and pest free. I guarantee that they'll arrive healthy and alive or your money back! All orders will be posted on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (excluding bank holidays).

Ramshorn snails (Planorbis rubrum) are good for any freshwater tank with a temperature range of 17 degrees to 31 degrees. Red ramshorn snails feed on algae and feed leftovers which are dangerous for fishes health.

They can feed on almost everything - vegetables, rotting plants, fish feed, dead fish. You can complement their diet with - lattice, cucumbers, squashes, cabbage. Overall they are very easy going and will consume anything left in the tank. There's nothing difficult when it comes to keeping these stunning little snails snails in a tank. It's quite enough to put them into the tank and leave them to it, they'll find the feed themselves.

Also, another benefit of having these exotic snails in your aquarium is that these snails serve as a special indicator when it comes to water quality - if all your snails have raised up to the water surface, it means that there's something wrong with the tank water and it's time for water change, often before injury to other tankmates.

Also it is said that these snails (blue, red, black, brown ramshorn snails) feed on tank plants, but this isn't true. The misunderstanding occurs when someone sees the snails on the leaves of rotting or dead plant, however the snails are just eating a plant which is already dead. All ramshorn snails have rather weak teeth and as a result cannot make a hole in a live plant, though they'll eagerly feed on weakened rotting or already completely dead tank plants.

In the wild blue ramshorn snails can be found in rivers all over the world. They prefer hiding in the shallows, with a slow flowing or completely still water. Quite often these waters are full of rotting plants which give the snails shelter and food. Although they have evolved to live in water with low level oxygen, it is recommended that you have an air stone as although not 100% necessary, it will aid their development.

You will receive an advice slip on introducing your new snails and how best to keep them. Email support is always available to customers who require advice.

DOA claims must be made within 24 hours of receiving the items. All claims of damage or DOA must be supported with photographic evidence. In order for a refund, you must be able to provide a full water test of your aquarium to show that your tank parameters were not the cause of death.

Refunds and replacements will be offered at my discretion and are not guaranteed if death occurs after 24 hours of introducing them to your aquarium.

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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