x16 African land snails babies +1 juvenille in Brynmawr


16x baby African land snails + 1 albino juvenile/adult

(Achatina fulica)

I have mostly jade available but some may turn out to be albino, all are healthy and eating great. The juvenile is albino and a little large for livefood so I'm selling that as a pet but what you do with it is up to you. The babies are either livefood or pets.

Their diet consists of:
Fish food (no garlic) or dried mealworms (both soaked into a paste) once every week (avoiding feeding or a day or two as snails can be picky and refuse to eat their protein)

Natural grass (not mowed or treated), potatoes, Dandelion leaves, peas in pod, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, clover, celery, cress, rocket etc.

Fruits (no citruses) cucumber and lettuce can be provided but due so sparingly due to fruit being high in sugar and cucumber/lettuce can make snails picky. I have also found they will ignore bananas, if feeding fruit please be mindful of molding as fruits will mold in the high humidity.

Please go here for a bigger list of what and what not to feed plus an excellent caresheet:

Cuttlebone or limestone flour must always be provided for their shells to become healthy and to avoid them eating each others shells if kept together. If they are kept together please dispose of eggs by freezing for 24 hours and then disposing, do not ever release as they are an invasive species.

£4 each for babies, £6 for two. £6 for the juvenile as it's grown on and has already produced eggs.

Collection only, please bring your own container unless stated to pick up. Photos show adult to juvenile to baby.

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