Various Tarantulas For Sale in Margate

*This List is subject to change as stock rotates, accurate as of 07/06/2020*


New Worlds;
Ancanthoscurria Geniculata (Giant White Knee)
Sling 1cm - SOLD OUT- £8 each

Aphonopelma Crinirufum (Costa Rican Blue Front)
Sling 3cm - 1 available- £18 each

Brachypelma Boehmei (Mexican Fire Leg)
Sling 2cm- 10 available- £12 each

Brachypelma Emelia (Mexican Red Leg)
Sling 1cm- 4 available- £12 each

Brachypelma Hamorii (Mexican Red Knee)
Sling 1-2cm- 4 available- £12 each

Brachypelma Klaasi (Mexican Pink Beauty)
Sling 1-2cm- 2 available - £19 each

Caribena Versicolor (Antilles/Martinique Pinktoe)
Sling 1-2cm- 4 available- £19 each

Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue)
Sling 2cm- 4 available- £22 each

Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi (Bolivian Dwarf Beauty)
Sling 0.5-1cm- 6 available- £8 each

Davus Pentaloris (Guatemalan Tiger Rump)
Sling 1cm- 10 available- £8 each

Ephebopus Cyanognathus (Blue Fang Skeleton)
Sling 1cm- 5 available- £20 each

Grammostola Pulchra (Brazilian Black)
Sling 1-2cm- 2 available- £26 each

Grammostola Pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee)
Sling 2cm- 10 available - £12 each

Grammostola Rosea (Chilean Rose)
Sling 1-2cm- 5 available- £26 each

Grammostola Rosea "Red" (Chilean Rose "Red")
Sling 1-2cm- 4 available- £28 each

Hapalopus sp. Colombia "Large" (Pumpkin Patch)
Sling 1cm- 6 available - £8 each

Kochiana Brunnipes (Dwarf Pinkleg)
Sling 0.5-1cm- 6 available - £8 each

Psalmopoeus Irminia (Venezuelan Sun Tiger)
Sling 2cm- 1 available- £8 each

Psalmopoeus Victori (Mexican Half & Half)
Sling 1-2cm- 3 available- £45 each

Tapinauchenius Violaceus (Purple Tree Spider)
Sling 1cm- 1 available- £8 each

Tliltocatl Kahlenbergi (Veracruz Red Rump)
Sling 1cm - 1 available- £12 each

Old Worlds;
Harpactira Pulchripes (Golden Blue Leg Baboon)
Sling 1-2cm- 2 available- £22 each

Monocentropus Balfouri (Socotra Island Blue Baboon)
Sling 1-2cm- SOLD OUT- £18 each

Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental)
Sling 2cm- 9 available- £32 each

Poecilotheria Rufilata (Red Slate Ornamental)
Sling 2-3cm- 2 available- £18 each

Poecilotheria Subfusca Sp. "Lowland" (Ivory Ornamental)
Sling 2cm- 2 available- £20 each

Poecilotheria Vittata (Ghost Ornamental)
Sling 2-3cm- 2 available- £12 each



Postage & Packaging - £10 - RMSD By 1pm
- £13 - UPS By 2pm(Offering as an alternative as Royal Mail haven't been as reliable as I like of late)

All purchases will be dispatched Mon-Wed.

Payment through PayPal.

Take Care,
J & K's T Room.

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