The Ark- Day old - POL chickens in Norwich



We are a family run business, that breeds happy and healthy birds in a family environment. We have a selection of pure breed chickens from day olds to POL which include:-
Light Sussex, Marans, Bluebelles, Rhode Rock, Barred Rock, Buff Orpingtons, Brahmas, Rhode Island reds, Welsummers, White Leghorns, Partridge Legorns, Vorwerks, Pekins in various colours , Wyandottes, Rhode Island red Bantams, Welsummer Bantams, Light Sussex Bantams, Silkies in various colours, Seabrights (Gold & Silver) & Hybrid browns..
We also have Ducks and turkeys
We can also supply you with feed, feeders, drinkers & poultry health & cleaning products....
Please contact us for more details

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