Buff orpingtons, silkies, and frizzle guaranteed female chickens/pols/pullets in Brent


Have some gorgeous hens/pullets available, all hatched in an incubator and hand reared, so very tame, friendly.
Would like them to go in at least groups of 3, 2 is ok - but not individually.

It is very difficult to integrate a lone hen into an established flock. All my chickens are used to being handled so make excellent pets, they enjoy a large enclosure with all kinds of enrichment as well as a rampage through my garden when they can be supervised (we have many foxes around us) - They are comfortable around cats.

Availability : 2 buff orpingtons, 1 silver partridge silkie, 1 usa black bearded silkie and a partridge frizzle silkie - prices and hatch dates on pics.

These hens are all blood dna tested (so guaranteed females), as they are part of my eclectic flock.

With covid restrictions eased, am happy for you to come into my garden(maximum 3 children, 2 adults) and see where and how I keep my chickens, I can not allow handling of chickens until after purchase as there are no hand washing facilities.
Please use the bathroom before visiting, I can not allow people to use my bathroom for any reason, there are public toilets about 6 minutes walk away,
You will also need to bring your own carriers to take chickens home in, and please do not turn up without calling - if I'm not answering calls, its likely I am busy elsewhere.

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1 week ago
Mar 2021
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