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Gunnwold the German Salmon Faverolles rooster in Truro

6 weeks ago


Gunnwold is a very friendly, playful, cheeky lil chap and I would love to keep him but since taking on another Rescue Roo no longer have the space. I would love to see him go to a home where he'll be made a fuss of until he's old enough to be more interested in hens. Then I'm sure he'll still follow you around and 'chat' at you, wandering what you're up to. His father is from a rare line of German Salmon Faverolles imports. Gunnwold is 'pet quality' as his colouring is non standard (he looks a bit like a Christmas pudding, bless him!) and his feet aren't perfect. He will, however, grow to be very handsome. Photos of his father, Gunther, included to convey size and splendour. Near Carnon Downs.

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