Ready to lay hens in a range of breeds in Coalville


Point of lay Hens

We currently have a selection of point of lay hens in stock. All of our birds have had a full vaccination programme, they have been wormed using flubenvet and treated for lice and mites with a poultry spot on.

We supply a selection of breeds who lay a range of egg colours.

Warren Brown - Brown egg layers £20 each

Columbian Blacktail - Brown egg layers £20 each

White Star Leghorn - White egg layers £25 each

Bluebell - £25 each

Speckledy - £25 each

Light Sussex - £25 each

Silver Sussex - £25

Discounts on larger orders.

We have a fantastic selection of point of lay hens, bantams, ducks, guinea fowl etc. From newly hatched chicks and ducklings to adults that are ready to lay. You can visit and view all of the birds that we have available. We have a range of supplies such as food, bedding, drinker and feeders. For those wanting to have chicks, our chick starter sets are very popular. These sets have a few little bits to get you set up, all you would need them in a small cage or box to rear the chicks in at home.

New cottage poultry is located in the village of Swannington, just outside of Ashby de la Zouch For info on the current stock we have then please check out the website or contact us via Facebook for a stock list. Just search New Cottage poultry. please call or text for a prompt reply as emails are often answered infrequently. Many thanks, Joe
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