*sold pending collection* 3 mixed colour pekin pullets in Trowbridge


3 mixed pekin pullets looking for new homes, approximately 5 months old. These 3 are a variety of colours: 1 black (£20), 1 birchen (£20) and 1 columbian cross (£25). They currently live as a group but can go separately, there is also a lovely blue mottled pekin cockerel (as seen in pictures) available for £5 who would be great to breed from due to his unusual colour and markings. These birds would make a pretty addition to any garden and could be kept for eggs or breeding once old enough. Pekins are ideal for beginners due to their toughness and because of their calm natures which also makes them ideal pets especially for children. Pekins are also known for being good broodies and great mothers so ideal for rearing chicks. All worm and mite treated with ivermectin before leaving.