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QUAIL CHICKS/8 LEFT in Warminster

3 weeks ago


We here at quail madness hatch out our own quail chicks from our adult breeding quails.
We currently only have 8 Japanese quail chicks left out of 72 that hatched out on September 14th.
They will require a heatlamp or an electric heat plate till they are 4 weeks old then they can live at room temperature till they are 8weeks old then they can move outside into a rabbit cage with run or chicken coop.
They eat chick starter crumb from 24hrs old till they are 8wks old.
From 5weeks old we start adding chicken mixed corn & layers pellets into their crumb & we add more of each day & less crumb each day so that by 8weeks old they will no longer be on the crumb anymore.
They will require oyster shell grit from 8weeks old this can be scattered on the ground this helps with the males & females digestive system & helps the hens produce nice normal eggs.
They also love sand baths.

Our adults are fed organic mixed corn & organic layers pellets & they love digging about in the dirt finding bugs & eating them & they love iceberg lettuce.

Quail chicks can't be sexed till at least 5weeks old some can only be vent sexed at 8-10weeks old.

£3 each.

We also have hatching eggs available for collection only.
we do post eggs normally from April-September but we have a limited amount available from Sept-April due to our hens laying less as the colder weather starts to come.

Carton of 18 Hatching eggs £6.

Cash on collection or PayPal
We cant post chicks but We Can deliver chicks for a small free upto 30mins away from longleat area of Wiltshire.

This will be our last hatch till March/April 2022.

Our website is

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