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12 weeks ago


Hi, has anybody around Colman Way, Copley Close, and Timperley Gardens seen our cat? Please, please get in touch with us urgently, if you have! We miss him terribly and will offer anybody a small reward for his safe return.

Or even if it's just to let us know you've taken him in and offered him a warm place to stay, just please just pop us a msg and let us know. It's not knowing that is slowly killing a little part of us each day.

He usually comes home to be fed and for cuddle times. But we haven't seen him for 5 days now and are really starting to worry, we were worried a couple of days ago but thought we'd hold out a little longer. Ever since he started escaping he refuses to be locked in, he'll just yowl and scratch the doors until he's let out again

He does tend to stick close by our home, and we know all his usual hangouts, but none of us have come across him lately. We've never had a problem over the past few years of him going out. So please let me know if you have seen him. Thank you.

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