Potted Hydrocotyl Vulgaris in Darlington


PRICE IS £6.99! Potted Hydrocotyl Vulgaris!! This easy to grow aquarium plant with umbrella like leaves is actually edible and tastes a bit like carrot (try a leaf when you buy one!). It's low maintenance plant but if you provide it with really bright light, it can grow quickly and creep along the foreground.

You might even find it growing in areas in the UK and it's happy by a pond and of course your aquarium. Suitable in cold and warm waters, it's great for beginners who want an easy to grow plant that isn't too challenging.

Approximate height: 10cm (4 inches)
Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 0 - 5cm (0 - 2 inches)
Flower: None (insignificant)
This British native plant is found in fens and marshes across the UK, although suffering in some areas from habitat loss. It has lovely neat glossy little peltate leaves, almost circular with slightly ruffled edges. It has a creeping habit, with a medium to fast growth rate, and is an excellent foliage plant for covering the edge of the pond or underplanting taller species.

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