Parrot-Supplies Oklahoma Premium Play Top Corner Parrot Cage - White in Newark


Parrot-Supplies Oklahoma Premium Play Top Corner Parrot Cage - White

This X large corner Parrot cage with its gym top section provides a dedicated safe place for your Parrot to play, exercise and stretch their wings outside of their Cage; perfect where room is at a premium and a separate play gym stand may not be an option.

As well as the four wood perches, swing-out feeder doors complete with metal bowls, the handy slide out tray and rolling castors, and removable seed catchers again help you to keep your Parrot's cage (and your floor) clean.

Larger, stronger door locks to keep your Parrot even more secure than before, thicker frames and bars which have been finished with an even stronger higher quality, non toxic paint finish.

Approx Cage Dimensions

Total Height - 183cm
Width - 116cm (128cm with seed catchers)
Depth - 93cm (105cm with seed catchers)

Internal Height - 124cm
Play Top Height - 27cm

Bar Spacing - 2cm
Bar Thickness - 3mm

***Please Note All Cage Dimensions Are Approximate***

Cage Accessories
5 x Metal Feeder Bowls (3 in Cage, 2 on Play Top)

4 x Perches (2 Inside Cage, 2 Play Top)

Slide Out Metal Grille and Trays

3 x Play Top Metal Ladders

Removable Seed Catcher

Suitable For The Following Birds

Large Macaws

Large Cockatoos

Eclectus Parrots
African Greys

Amazon Parrots