Adjustable Dog Mask Stop Chewing in London



1.This dog mask comes with oxford cloth material, making it soft, breathable and uneasy to hurt your pet
2.Adjustable mask can suit the mouth size of your pet and uneasy to fall
3.With the mask, your pet is uneasy to lick and eat something harmful and to bark just for fun and bite and easily fight with other pet
4.When you are helping your pet pick her/his ears, clip the nails or drips a few eye drops into her/his eyes, this pet mask can help you focus on what you are doing without worrying that your girl/boy will bite suddently
5.When you go home, you may see your house which is in a mess and your cat/dog is still chewing something. Most things you buy for her/him is damaged. At this time, you may need a pet mask for your puppy when you are just away for a while

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