Exo terra tanks in Stoke On Trent


All different sizes
30x30x30 £20 9 available
30x30x45 £40 2 available
45x45x30 £50 1 available
45x45x45 £50 3 available
60x45x60 £100 1 available
90x45x60 £150 1 available
Have some other tanks available too 2ft - 3ft Komodo
Have some other equipment available too dome lights 3d backgrounds nanno tanks 20x20x20 - 20x20x30 ones some perspecs spider tanks mate re photos to follow
Fake plants ornaments cork bark

Large wooden custom Viv £200
Custom exo terra £80
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
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Reece jones
Stoke On Trent
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