Hermann's Tortoise All-Season House with Sunroom. in Duns


Hermann's Tortoise All-Season House with Sunroom.

New All-Season House Tortoise House with standard colour wood stain so you can overpaint with any darker shade you choose. The base coat applied is meant to provide a good first coat but should always be finished with the number of coats recommended by the stain manufacturer to ensure longevity of the stain. Colour Options available for extra. See photo colour chart.

Cosy Tortoises All-Season Tortoise Houses are designed to house tortoises all year round outside. They are fully insulated to protect against the cold, the wind, wet weather and over-heating in the sun.

Provides essential heating facilities for keeping your tortoises outdoors all year round and particularly when the UK has temperatures below 15 degrees C. This accounts for 8-10 months of the year.
Large enough space to provide a good temperature gradient. Ideal for closing tortoises in overnight when below 15 degrees C outside.
Walls, floors and roof are double walled with premium insulation in the cavity.
Doors can be locked and the windows are made of security glazing with high impact resistance.
Special UV transmissive polycarbonate which is specially sourced allows UVB to filter through. Glass cannot. UVB is essential for tortoises.
Very energy efficient housing.
Tortoise Ramp for easy access for Tortoises.
Tortoise access door is 25 cm wide by 15 cm high unless specified otherwise by the customer.
Cosy Tortoises Add-On Outdoor Tortoise Runs can be fitted to the house.
Fully assembled on arrival (pallet delivery).
Hasp and Staples and Turn buttons included and fitted.
Heat and Light Pack available for the All-Season Houses.
Vine Eye included for fitting heat lamp.
Drip Mould fitted above the tortoise door to protect area below from rainwater.
2 Air Vents in the side near the heat lamp for adjusting the air flow seasonally.

Electrical Installation include on programmer circuit for both heat lamp and UV light. £299.99 extra
Electrical Pack extra price

Colour Upgrade with 12 options available.
Length Width Front to Back Height

Small All-Season House with Sunroom 1.0 m x 0.5 m x 0.8 m - 0.65 m

Pallet delivery fully assembled depends on postcode location. Approx pallet cost £65.

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