Canine ovulation fertility progesterone testing in Basildon

Canine Fertility ovulation testing for breeders, the test measures progesterone levels in the blood for the most accurate results and tells you the exact point of ovulation when the eggs are released ready for mating or insemination with your chosen stud dog which is a must for a successful breeding program. Once the eggs are released they are only fertile for 4 days which is why it's important to know exactly when this considering they are in season near on a month, eggs also need time to mature and soften before sperm can effectively fertilise them, if a bitch is mated too soon, a day or two before ovulation or even on the day of ovulation will usually result in a failed pregnancy or at best a litter of one or two pups, this is also the case if mated too late after ovulation as the eggs begin too pass there maturity, this leaves a very small window of time in which the eggs are at their optimum state (48-72hrs after ovulation) which when sperm is introduced will tippically see litters of 8+.
It is also common for what is called a split season or split heat to occur in which a season will begin and progesterone rises almost to the point of ovulation and then suddenly falls back to its baseline level again where it can either start to rise again straight away or two weeks later or not at all untill
Next season, this is something you wouldn't know about unless it was seen by this test, the female could still be receptive to the male but the mating would be a failure due to there being no eggs, which emphasises the importance of having this test done as will save you the time, planning and money on stud fee's which could all be for nothing without it,
We recommend testing at day 10 from the first day of season, English bulldogs from day 8 or 9
Results are ready in as little as 20 mins and are in the same format as idexx and is tested in the same way, blood can also be sent to us by mail if too far to come to us, feel free to contact us for more info or for any other services that we offer to breeders which include stud dog handling, artificial insemination, ultrasound pregnancy scanning, puppy whelping and microchipping, we are also a breeder of French bulldogs and have 4 stud dogs available.
whether your a novice or experienced we are happy to help.

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