Gillian's Dog Walking & sitting services in Larne

"Healthy dogs are Happy dogs"
There's nothing quite like a loyal companionship of a Dog, Fitness & running is an important part of my life, I've corporated the amazing company of canine buddy's during my workouts. I gained experience in animal training & handling as I was brought up with horses & many different breeds of dogs over the years!!
Dogs are active by nature, if they don't acquire adequate exercise they run the risk of developing health complications, behaviour issues & even aggressive tendencies can evolve if not allowed to work off excess energy. Walking builds their confidence, socialised dogs have better coping skills they accept new environments & situations much easier
but life can be hectic at times!!!
Maybe you're unable to walk your Dog?? Need a few days away? Don't like them being home alone? Whatever the reason!!
"Give me a shout"
LOVE Dogs, LOVE Walking!!
Pet sitting also available
Home from Home.... treated like one of my own giving you peace of mind that your Dog will be safe & stimulated in a loving environment *Fully Insured*

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