Don't have time to look after your dog? I can help! in Huddersfield

Don't have time for your dog? I can help!
Are you too busy with work, or maybe your health prevents you from walking your dog, or you've got a new baby and can't give your dog enough time? If you don't have the time or are unable to walk and train your dog, I can help! I see so many people having to give up their pets because something has happened that prevents them from giving their dog proper exercise and training and it's heartbreaking, I've always wanted to help out people in this situation so here I am! I know it's hard to feel like you have to rehome your beloved pet because you can't give them enough attention so I'm here to help people in these situations keep their dog. In the hd2 area I can walk and do basic training with your dog when you're unable to, I can walk for up to an hour and am willing to travel about a mile from my home as I'll have to walk there due to me not having a car. I have a toy poodle which I am happy to take along with me on walks if your dog is okay with it. I don't mind dogs who pull or bark or lunge as I can train that out with time. Though any behaviour issues I will need to be informed of beforehand so I can avoid any casualties. If you're in need of help please don't hesitate to contact me, I do have a small fee, i have to have a fee because it takes a lot of my time and sometimes money to do all this but ive made them as low as i can, however prices can still be negotiated if you're really in need of help! but prices for families in need are lowered compared to my usual prices. An hour long walk is only £5, 30 minutes is £3.50. A basic puppy training session is also £5, that teaches the commands sit, stay, high five, leave it and lay down. Things like lunging and pulling prices with vary with how severe it is. All my training is positive reinforcement and it would be appreciated if you can provide a few treats your dog likes.

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