Reptile holiday boarding & welfare & rehabilitation in Leicester

Hey all welcome to our ad .

We are a reptile holiday and rehabilitation group with 15 years of experience doing this line of work .

We provide a good reptile holiday boarding facility but also we specialise in the welfare and abuse or neglect cases .
All our potential new homes should you go down this route is and gas been vetted to a high standard.
For new 1st time reptile keepers we look at first time keepers but what knowledge do they have and looking at there environment or can any reptiles escape there enclosure ect.
We also look st how they handle there reptiles ..... there handleing will show you all about that particular keeper.
If you dont require that part of what we offer and you need just a guide & advice & or just worried about a rpeilte in some one you knows care but you think they ain't looking after that animal, we will respond in minutes to your call or email .

So holiday bording from £25.00 per week per reptiles all foods included.
Advice on welfare & legal support or advice on rehoming or to report but this covers an whole range of things £40.00 per case each reptile .

For more please contact us asap open 24/7
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Reptile holiday boarding Leicestershire
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