Leicestershire reptile rescue/rehabilitation in Leicester


Hi all and welcome here st leicestershire reptile rescue we help unwanted abused or neglected reptiles .
Our rescue is specially adopted to take in thease amazing reptiles with state of the art equipment and facilities.

All new homes a veted and evry one is checked .
All our set ups have spacial lites to cater for most unwanted or vunrable reptiles .
We stock all live foods and frozen reptile foods so that we can give all our rescue the rite foods. We have a vet that we use just in case the worst should happen . Our rescue is family run with 2 rescue sites in leicestershire alone . All that helps with pur rescues are veted and very knowledgeable.
We have to cater for more that 300 difrent types of reptiles . We pride our selfs in provideing suited homes and the cleaning of our set ups. Any one is welcome to pop in and see how we operate and how we keep our animals . This is a non profitable organisation . This rescue was set up in 2000 and has been a greste sucsess. We cove for most parts ok the uk and we also do not premote any breeding of.our reptiles which any one who adops will sign for . All reptiles have there own profile and all paper work in them and detaild writen notes to demonstrate how or what we have been doing .
What eva your reason we are not here to judge you but only here to help. So plz dont let them go or sell to some one who is not knowledgeable please get in touch to see if we can help you . Thank you so much for looking kind regards team.

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