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100% natural dog foods free delivery in London

21 weeks ago


Poobears mobile pet services

Free local delivery

We offer a wide range of 100% natural treats
All fresh and high quality all made in uk

Deer legs £3
Lamb legs £2.50
Buffalo throat large £3
Moo tube £1
Rabbit ears £1
Cows ear (American style) £1
Duck wings £050p
Pizzles small £1
Large cheese & chicken sausages £2
Liver sausages £0.40p
Vegetable pigs ears £1
Yak snacks £3 50/£5.99
Pigs trotters large £3.50
Bag of venison cubes £3
Chicken sticks £080p
Chicken feet £025p each
Duck neck £2
Duck feet £0,35
Bull scalp £3 a bag
Pot of meet venison/ostrich/duck £4.99
Chewllagen £1.49 /£2.50
The dog house bedtime biscuits £14.99
The dog house random treats £5.50
Peanut butter paws £1.50 200g
Dog pants £9.99
Dog chain collar £6
LED flexi lead & LED collar £20 (for set)
Harnesses from £10
Medidog flea and tick treatment £30
H5 enhanced vitamins and minerals £12.99
Birthday hampers £30
Birthday cards £3.50
Trixie training leads £7.99
Easy leader £10
Ruffwear collars from £25
Hand crafted designer leather collars £30
Dog jumpers from £10
GPS tracking dog harnesses £25.99
Coffee tree chewing stick large £15
Advanced hair & skin pills £15
Grooming brush £6/£10
Detangler shampoo £5
Sensitive shampoo £5
Beds from £10 to £50
Safety toys from £2.50
200g peanut butter paws £1.50
Petremerdy from £6.50
LEUcillin from £4.99
Kong dog toys from £6.99/£10
Cat toys £1.50
Lead and coller combo set £4
And much more

We accept card payments
Cash on delivery

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