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Poobears natural selection £12
Poobears Luxury selection £18
Poobears deluxe selection £20
Puppy taster selection £10
Large buffalo horn £5.99
Large deer strips 20 inches 3 for £5
Tripe £0.55
Beef hide £1
Bag of fish cubes £3.99
Bag of fish twists £3.99
Bag of fish rolls £3.99
Sprats £3 100g
Hooves £0.80p
Bag of chicken bites £2
Golden paste sausages £0.30p
Ostrich metatarsal bone £5
Large Hairy cows ears £1.50
Chicken sausages £0.30p
bbq honey snout £1
Pigs ear stripes £2.95
Hedgehog chew treat £1
Rice bone £1
Dental chew toothbrush £0.80p
Pig snout £1
Insecta cricket & sweet potato £3.50
Large Knuckle bones £1.50
Extra large bones £3
Peanut butter stick £0.55
Tripe stick £0.55
Deer legs £3
Giant deer leg £5
Whole buffalo throat £2
Rabbit ears Hairy £0.50p
Lambs ears Hairy £0.50p
Lambs legs £2.50
Pizzles small £1
Liver sausages £0.30p
Venison sausages £0.30p
Giant pigs ears £1.50
Puffed chicken feet £0.35
Vegetable pigs ears £1
Vegetable Hedgehog chew £1
Vegetable toothbrush chew £0.80p
Large pig ears £1.50p
Yak snacks £3 50/£5.99
Pigs trotters large £3
Moo tube £1
Cows ear £0.80p
Chicken necks £1
Chicken feet £025p each
Duck feet £0,35
Peanut butter paws £1.50 200g
Luxury birthday hampers £30/£20
Birthday cards £3.50
Coffee tree chewing stick large £10
LEUcillin from £4.99
And much more

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