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hello everyone, i just want to make everyone (especially breeders) understand why you shouldn't just give up on newborn kits that have a rough start....

This is a true story about my little survivors and how I managed to save them...

I had a first time mom give birth to 4 healthy kits, problem was she cleaned them a little too well. 1 managed to get away with just a tiny cut on the top of her head, 1 had no skin on its bum, 1 had a back leg missing and 1 had 1 and 1/2 ears and a front foot missing.
I took the babies out of the nest and kept them indoors in a small hamster cage for 2 days (until wounds had scabbed over). I took mom out twice a day and placed her on a pillow on my lap with her babies underneath her to feed them as naturally as possible. Babies wounds were bathed in cooled boilded water and had sudocrem applied twice daily.
After the first night I lost the baby that had no back leg and the baby with the skin missing to shock. After the second night I removed a different mom (with babys the same age) from her cage for a few hours and placed the 2 remaining babies in with her litter. After 2 hours I placed mommy back in her cage with all the babies. She became a surrogate mom to the 2 babies and fed them and cleaned them along with her own. The baby with the tiny cut on the head had healed over and no longer needed sudocrem, however the little one with 1 and 1/2 ears and a front foot missing still needed sudocrem on the wounds. So every day until skin had covered the wounds this little man had 2 hours in a tiny cage inside whilst his cream soaked into his wounds.
After 2 weeks the 1 baby looks as if nothing ever happened and the other was healing nicely, his ear scars were now covered in fur and his front foot was a tiny scab.
Half a week later and I'm writing this post to tell everyone not to give up on their kits no matter how bad it may seem... i have a happy healthy 2 and a half week old bunny, he may only have 1/2 an ear and a foot missing but he is as happy and healthy as all the other bunnys. Please take your time to look at his photos and see what a miracle he is!

Thanks for reading, if you run into any problems with your kits feel free to ask me. I haven't took this little one to the vets at all and hes perfect!

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Hannah Sheffield
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Apr 2020
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