Silky black mini rex bunny / rabbit in Dartford


Hi everyone,
I am selling my pet bunny since that I absolutely love but unfortunately cannot take care of anymore. The only reason I am giving him away if because I am due in October with my first child and from a mild allergy I had before it seems that is has developed into a massive one and it doesn't allow me to give my little bunny the proper attention that he deserves. I hope he will end up in a loving home like ours and live his best life!
He was bought at 10 weeks by me from a lady who had his parents in competitions due to the lovely fur they have (very smooth and silky).
He is 20 months old and has all the vaccines in order (I have the vaccination records, been neutered and has a great personality! Always jumping for joy, exploring, litter trained and moat important of all he is loving being near people!
I do have everything you would need to own him, from lovely accessories (hiding igloo ,
carrier bag, indoor cage to outdoor hutch, which I can sell them also if needed. I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.
Thank you