Ron and Hermione in Helensburgh


This is Ron and Hermione. Pictures are only for those that are genuinely interested, as I don't want them to be chosen because they're 'cute'.

They are both Netherlands Dwarfs. Male and Female. Cannot be separated. You will need your own hutch (can live indoor or outdoor). Can be delivered depending on distance.

Ron is neutered, but the vet cannot tell is Hermione is spayed as her tummy is too fluffy! Their vaccinations cards say they are both Male, this is incorrect as we had them checked last week. They are both fully healthy. They are microchipped and have had one vaccination. Their RHD2 vaccination is needed.
We rescued them from our neighbours as they were living in very poor conditions and were ignored for 8 months. I e have had them for about 2 months now. They are needing to be rehomed as they do not get on with our other rabbit. Hermione is fine, but Ron gets extremely territorial and he has actually attacked our other Male through the bars and caused damage to his nose. For this reason, my rabbits cannot all play out together (despite being separated). We have tried to introduce slowly and tried many different methods, but nothing has worked.

They are absolutely lovely, they do not mind being handled. They love to be stroked. They get on well with our 4 year old and aren't too fussed with our 4 month old, just curious of him. Absolutely wonderful little pair of bunnies!! They love playing in the garden and doing binkies! So please, if you live in a flat or a place with no garden, do not enquire. Thank you.

Please be aware that rabbits are a full time commitment and cannot just be placed in a hutch and ignored! They need their regular health checks, nails clipped, regular grooming and their yearly vaccinations!

Texts and emails only, phone calls do not come through due to signal. Thanks!