Male veiled chameleon- Full set up in Bilston


This is kaida (little dragon). My much loved veiled chamelon he is roughly 2 years old I believe. its an unfortunate sale as I just don't think I can provide him with the love and care he deserves. He is very gentle and quite content in his basking spot. He has a full set up of a XL reptibreeze enclosure with sticks, twigs and some fake vines/plants he does currently have real plants but they won't be included unfortunately, heat and ubv lighting, he also has a fogger system and spray bottle as recent big dripper had broke. I also have his calcium powders that will go with him. His cage is large and would require dismantling before moving, which I'm happy to do before he leaves. He deserves someone who can look after him and provide the appropriate care. I'm happy to provide any advice to those who need it. I just want him to be looked after. Please message me if you have any questions. Thank you. Read more

Age: 2 Years
Ready to leave:
Posted: 2 weeks ago
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