Bearded dragon with all equipment in Barnet


3 year old very friendly bearded dragon looking for a new home. He loves to walk around the room out of his viv and have cuddles with his owner. Has never bitten/scratched and is great with new people. Selling due to moving home. Was £300 to buy originally - this includes 5ft long x 1.25ft wide x 1.5ft tall (recommended size for his age). My bearded dragon is in good health and comes with vitamin d powder for his live food (requires 60% vegetables 40% meat - favourite is cockroaches which are cheap online). Decorations inside including big wooden branch, hiding cave, 2 silk fake leaf branches, red rock, big stone, large water bowl for bathing and drinking & wooden piece for his nails. Also included is a heat bulb holder (suitable for bulbs giving UVA and UBV rays, a mercury bulb that takes care of all day heating requirements, and a heat mat for colder months and to ensure optimum basking temperature. I also have 2 packs of cockroaches as a starter supply with a website recommendation to buy them from. Basically everything you could need for my lovely lizard for the rest of his life! Please message if you have any further questions.