Crested Gecko & Full Set Up in Plymouth



Gecko is a male and approximately 3 years old . Comes with a large exo terra (45 x 45 x 60 if I remember correctly) , with canopy hood. Wall mounted heat mat on a stat, lights including UV light (pretty new Arcadia light), wall mounted feeding bowl, digital thermometer/hydrometer. Two large cork bark hides, good size vine and other branches. The viv was planted, I only have one left that I haven't managed to kill!, but it's a decent size and it could be planted up more. The viv is kept as bio-active with a good, established community of cuc (springtails, worms and woodlice). I probably have some orchid bark, moss and spare hydro balls somewhere. Will also come with water bottle for misting, feeding tongs and a travel cage. The viv lid is damaged, but is taped up and does the job. A new lid could be bought pretty cheaply I expect.

The gecko is in good condition, sheds and poos as he should, bright and active. He is sweet and handleable. He is slightly on the lean side and could do with a little weight, he's not an overly greedy gecko. I've had him on repashy and Arcadia stickyfoot gold, he will eat either, just isn't a big eater. He will take live food on a tong. He might take live if left in the viv, but I dont tend to do that often as it was at one point, planted quite nicely and I didn't want the plants being eaten.

I can deliver. The viv is very heavy due to the soil etc, so would probably need help loading and unloading if you do collect.

£150 (ovno)

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