Extremely Dark And Black Crested Gecko in Milton Keynes


Stunning high contrast unsexed crested gecko. Hatched 25th July 2021 and is now ready for rehoming due to a healthy weight and smashing through eating both live food and powered diet. The gecko is eating both exceptionally well.
This gecko has an extremely dark base and carries multiple different traits such as the following. Extremely dark base, black, dash pinstripe, harlequin, tiger, portholes etc. The gecko also has colouration on the stomach with this being a red/orange.
Hopefully as it ages it may develop some other colours, due to the mum being a tricolour, with red, black and cream colouration.
Parents' lineage, are both dark based, mum harlequin, but with dad looking almost like a lily-white, when fired down. Dad is also a partial pinstripe, and mum is a tricolour, red, black and cream.
The gecko has been fed on, Mango Repashy and various Pangea flavours. The gecko has been lightly handled from time to time, is pooping, eating, and shedding well and is very active around the enclosure it is currently housed in.
Please note that some geckos can drop their tails through stress or through some other things and we will not be issuing any refunds if your gecko drops its tail as of when you collect the gecko. The gecko is sold as seen and when he/she leaves our premises, we take no responsibility for it.